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Betty asks…

Where can i watch Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham with english subtitles online for free?

Hindi movie

MovieBot answers:

Www.grabode.com is amazing. The quality on the movies is great. And there aren’t any of those, “I filmed it in the theatre” things either. It shows how many gigs the movies are and what language they are in

Jenny asks…

where can i watch hindi movies with english subtitles online?

i want to watch latest hindi movies with english subtitles online
i want to watch hindi movies with english subtitles online for free

MovieBot answers:

Buy DVD these movies on Amazon.

Richard asks…

Where can I watch Devdas with English Subtitles?

I’ve been looking FOREVER- but I can’t find it anywhere free :

Please, no weird links, rants, lectures or downloads.

If anyone could help me, I’d greatly appreciate it! (: <3

MovieBot answers:

I love that movie! :) I also know how difficult it is to find a subtitled video online. Believe me, it’s better to download it. If you’re against downloading, sorry… I tried searching for legit free Devdas videos, but it seems to be a lost cause.
Please stop reading now if you aren’t willing to download.

Okay, so if you ARE willing… There are two surefire ways to download the movie.
1) Download rar files, then extract using WinZIP or another file compression program.

Here’s a (perfectly normal) link which contains -other- links to Rapidshare, where you can download the rar files for Devdas:


Scroll down on the page, you’ll see the links as well as the password, which you’ll need to extract the video and subtitles from the rar files.
When you go to a rapidshare link, click the green download button beneath the description “Save File to… Your computer.” Make sure you select “Save” (NOT “Open with”), and save ALL the rar files to the same location (ex. Desktop). Once you’re finished downloading, right click the first rar file, and select “extract here.” (I’m hoping you have WinRAR, because I’m not sure how you extract with other programs.) You may have to enter the password at this point. Once it finishes extracting, you should be able to see the video and subtitle files in the same folder as all the rars. You then can delete the rar files and watch the video on your computer (I recommend VLC media player for that), or burn it to a dvd.

2) Download a BitTorrent client, then a torrent file.

For the torrent program, I recommend uTorrent or Azureus:
(again, no weird links)



After you’ve installed one of those programs, download a torrent and open it with the client:
(these might be considered weird links because the websites contain a lot of ads – but don’t worry, nothing will happen to your computer)



Once the torrent finishes (it’ll say it’s “seeding”), go to the folder it downloaded to (should be in My Documents/Azureus Downloads or your usual Downloads folder) and play the vid.

And that’s it.
Sorry, I know this was an excessively long and confusing answer. In my defense, I didn’t mean for it to turn into a lecture… I just tend to ramble when I’m awake at 1 am.
Feel free to mail me or edit the question if you encounter any problems, need further explanation, or simply want to talk about the movie. Best of luck! :)

Mandy asks…

Where can i watch Hindi movies DARR with english subtitle?

MovieBot answers:

I dont think you can find them anywhere “legally” online ..

Steven asks…

Does anyone know where i can watch hindi movies online with english subtitles?

I wanted to watch ta ra rum pum online with english subtitiles? can anyone help?

MovieBot answers:

I am not sure if all the movies they list have English subtitles or not, but atleast some do. Try checking at:

1. Musicnmovies.com
2. Filminagari.com
3. Musicnmovies.info/metromaaza/
4. Lucky88.eigenstart.nl/

Hope it helps.

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